Facebooks addiction and kids

Description: How Facebook Addiction is Ruining Your Kids and How You Can Help them Focus on Studies and prepare them for a Life of Achievements.

Facebook Addiction and Kids

Face book addiction

If you are worried your kids are spending more time on Facebook and less on their studies, rest assured you are not alone. There are people all around the world worrying the same worries. 

Luckily, you can help your kids overcome social media addiction. Once you can help them with Facebook addiction, you will see them putting their focus where it matters – studies, arts, sports, and meaningful social activities.

Why Facebook Addiction is Bad?

Facebook addiction is a serious, life-ruining affair than most people acknowledge.
Facebook Addiction can lead to:

  • Lack of interest in studies
  • Depression
  • Delusions
  • Feeling worthless
  • Poor social skills
  • Low self-esteem
  • Inability to face real-life situations


People suffering from Facebook addiction will feel comfortable spending time checking Facebook statuses, commenting, 'liking', and counting 'likes' on their own posts, comments and photos. However, they feel extremely uncomfortable when Facebook is taken away from them for a few hours.

Be Very Concerned if You See These Telltale Signs of Facebook Addiction:

  • Frequent Posting (Is your kid posting several status updates every day?)
  • Logging in to Facebook at Every Opportunity (from home, while waiting for the bus, while at the park, while shopping, …)
  • Overly concerned about Facebook Friends' approval
  • Spending hours every single day in Facebook
  • Competition to add Friends
  • Aversion to normal social interactions (like talking to friends, visiting relatives, and difficulty engaging in physical activities)


Facebook and Social Media Addiction leads to lowered Self Esteem, poor social skills, and inability to set priorities in life. If you see such signs, it is time to seek help. Luckily, help is available today.

Counseling for Facebook Addiction is a relatively new kind of therapy, which can work for people of all ages.

If you feel very bad when you can't log into Facebook, if you feel bad when other people don't 'Like' your status updates, if you feel bad for not having enough 'Friends' in Facebook, and if the only means of passing time is logging into that site – you know you are on the wrong path.

After a few sessions of counseling, the experience will be:

  • Better self-esteem – you know you are an individual with your own priorities in life.
  • Focus on life's priorities – studies, academic achievements, sports activities, etc.
  • Reduced dependency on 'Friends' approval – you will no longer feel bad when your friends don't send you encouraging comments every time you update your status.
  • Better self-image – You no longer need those 'likes' to feel good about yourself.


Breaking Facebook Addiction can be harder than breaking smoking habit. However, once you know how to find self-esteem, and to set priorities in life, you will avoid wasting your precious time in trivial things. You will then use that time to spend time with family and friends on real one-on-one relations that are a lot more fulfilling than the virtual ones.

For your kids, once they overcome Facebook addiction, they will learn the importance of setting priorities in life and begin focusing on things that matter.

If people you matter are addicted to Facebook or the internet, you know they need help. And, professional help is available – wherever you are and whatever the level of FB addiction you are dealing with.

Just give a call to: 9388183153 and fix an appointment. That is going to be a great life changer for your loved one.


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