19 August, 2019

When I was a little kid, I always worried about getting bullied. Since I was not the prettiest and the strongest types, some people found me to be their easy target. I feared bullying more than anything else which somewhat made me reluctant to go out in public. The very thought of people being mean to me would disturb my mind to the extent that I ended up being an introvert. I was fortunate that one day one of my teachers sensed my mental struggle and helped me let go of worries. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have someone by their side, especially in a time when everyone is too occupied with their own stress and anxieties. Childhood, I must say, plays a vital role in shaping a person's personality. This is why they say, "Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul."

What are the issues that worry young children?

     Family:  A happy family that stays together is something every person dreams of. As adults, we work hard to make our family proud, we try to earn more so that our family has a better lifestyle. Basically, whatever we do revolves around our family. This is why we get worried thinking about the well being of our family. Like adults, young children worry about their family too which we usually fail to notice. Their worries include-

    Parents not getting sick.

    Parents not leaving them alone.


    Parental divorce

Even the slightest of unrest in a family can worry young kids.

     Grades: Living up to the expectations of parents and teachers is also something which many kids worry about. Most of the kids lose their sleep thinking about the consequences of their bad academic performance.

     Violence/Domestic abuse: It will be wrong to consider that children can't sense the physical or verbal abuse behind closed doors. Disagreements in family may sometimes change the way adults treat children. This may make kids more worried.

     Natural disasters/panic attacks: Kids who have witnessed or experienced some kind of natural disasters keep on worrying about its occurrence.


How to help kids overcome worry?

We cannot deny the fact that adults have their own list of things to worry about. Kids of course don't have to pay hospital bills, take care of home and office and do other things that usually worry an adult. But this doesn't mean that kids are always chilled out and relaxed. First of all, adults should realise that they are not the only ones carrying all the baggage of stress and worry. Kids have their own little issues to deal with. Adults may also indirectly transfer their share of worry to the kids. So, here are some quick tips to help your kids overcome worry-

     'What's up on your mind?': This little question that Facebook asks you everytime is something you need to ask your kids. It is important to know what's going on in their minds. Most of the kids won't tell unless you ask. More than our status on different social media platforms, we should be concerned about the status of our kid's mind.

     Let them know that you understand: Kids often hide their worries from parents and teachers thinking that they won't understand. In this situation, adults should show the kids that they care and understand.

     Be a motivator: Encourage children to fight their own battles. Sometimes, it is the lack of motivation that makes kids lose their fight against worry. Be their constant support system and keep on motivating them to find the right solutions to their problems.

Above all, try to be the best role model for your kids. And if still nothing works, Consolace counselling services in Trivandrum can always be reached for the right guidance and support.



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