Why Family Holidays are Important for Strong Family Bonds

08 April, 2015

Families that take family holidays more often prosper in business, career, fulfilling relationships and every area of life. Read on to discover the little known secrets of occasional holidays.

family holidaysWhy family holidays are important

Holidays give family members time to relax and shared experiences. There is laughter, variety of food, new places to explore and new experiences to try. A family holiday is time for family members to recharge their batteries and draw energy for months to come. Even when you don't consider the physical, physiological and mental benefits, everyone will love a break from the usual monotonous life.

Health Benefits of Holidays

Apart from the happiness and celebrations associated with holidays, there are proven health benefits. The visible health benefits of holidays include:

  • Healthy/lower blood pressure
  • Better quality of sleep
  • Healthy drop in blood sugar levels
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better resilience to stress

What is better? The health benefits stay with you, making your life better at home, work and society – even months after the getaway.

While you laugh, enjoy the sun, enjoy the waves at the beach, the greenery, fresh air, and the change in atmosphere, - your body and mind are working to remove the bad from your system. Once you come back from the holiday, you will feel the difference. The newfound energy stays with you and make you more productive at work, more fun at home, and more jovial around your friends. Of course, you want to be such a person.

Disconnecting from Your Stressful World

You have stress at work. In family. And in social life. Holidays are time to say goodbye to all those problems. Plan to fully disconnect from the demands of work – say no to phone calls, and emails from office. It is your holiday and you are here to relax and disconnect from the stressful situations. Checking work mails while at holiday is a recipe for disaster – you won't get the rest and relaxation you deserve. And if you check emails from office, it is as if you are not having a holiday at all.

What Holidays Mean to Couples

The health benefits of a refreshing holiday are too many. You just can't ignore them. When you give that gift of a happy holiday to your loved one, you are benefitting a lot. You are helping him to refresh, feel better about himself, and preparing him to undertake challenges coming his way.

Make sure you have lot of opportunities to laugh. Apart from reducing stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine, laughter builds and strengthens bonds. Laughter also releases beneficial hormones like endorphins, which reduce physical pain. Or in other words, you don't have time to think about your anger, guilt feelings, and every negative emotion that is bringing you down.

The holidays need not be in some foreign country, or even a recognized tourist destination. You can find holiday destinatins close to your home – around 30-50 kms away. You can also travel to a destination in a different state, and stay there for a whole week. Wherever it is, try total disconnection from your work and everything that puts you into stress.


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