How to Bring Passion Back into Your Married Life

19 February, 2015

If you are willing, you can bring that blissful pleasures of early days back into your marriage. You can once again feel the love, fulfilment and joys. You can say goodbye to resentments and all the distance you feel between you.

I am not saying it is easy to bring josh bac k into your marriage. I am not even telling you can bring happiness into your married life in a day or two. However, I promise you, you can once again love each other – just like you did in those honeymoon days. And then some better.

6 Tips to Add Josh Into Your Family Life

josh back into marriage

1. Touch

People of Kerala (at least a majority of them) are afraid of touching one another in public. Except in case of honeymoon couples, men don't really touch their wives in public. It is also not common for parents to touch or kiss their grown-up children.

Our topic is not about touching in public, but about the importance of touch in successful relationships.The power of a loving touch is unmatched. Touch finger tips for no reason.

Here I will give you SIX reasons why you should touch your partner

  1. Touch reduces tension and anxiety.
  2. Touch makes you feel connected, belonged to and cared.
  3. Touch helps you bond with your partner
  4. Touch reduces blood pressure
  5. Touch improves your mood
  6. Touch can communicate your feeling much better than words

    The benefits of touch are there for both the partners – both the giver and taker get the same benefits. If you haven't touched your partner for a long time, it shows the distance that has grown between you. A caring touch will bring you closer together.

    2. Respect

    Respect your spouse and you will get respect back. It doesn't mean you have to respect your spouse's high position at work or society. Respect his/her place in the relationship. Acknowledge the efforts she puts in to keep the kids in good shape. And respect her for being such a loving, kind and understanding partner.

    3. Communicate and Listen

    Men and women understand the same words differently. While men usually go with the literal meaning of the words, women go a lot deeper.

    For women: Go with the literal meaning of the words he uses. If he says OK, he means OK.

    For men: Take a little longer to identify what she really wants. Sometimes she might say 'let's go shopping'. There may be some items to buy from the shop.She may also be looking to spend some time alone with you. Ask a few more little questions to find out what she really wants.

    Both of you should be able to communicate your thoughts, ideas, and dreams. Never say things to hurt your partner. It will be hard to forget.

    Arguing is normal in all kinds of relationships. However, make sure you don't stoop to personal attack – under no circumstances.

    4. Listen to Your Partner's Body Language

    If you suddenly sense 'something is wrong', it usually is. Touch his hands, and give him an inquiring look. If he isn't ready to talk, don't push him. Just touch his shoulders, and his back. Repeat this after some time and he/she will tell you what the matter is.

    If it happens in a social gathering, don't talk about it in front of everyone. Bring your partner to somewhere private before reassuring him/her that you really care.

    5. Find Time for Each Other

    As the months pass, you will find it difficult to find time for each other. There are obligations to meet. Make sure you get time for each other – at least an hour or two once every week. Maybe, you can go for a small weekend trip to a beach near your place.

    6. Surprise Each Other With A Little Gift

    Gift her a new sari. Gift him a new wrist watch. Or whatever things he/she would appreciate. Occasions like anniversaries and birthdays are normal occasions to give gifts. However, if you give gifts for no reason, it will be a warm surprise.

    If your marriage is not in perfect shape right now, you may need professional help. Let a professional counselor iron out the issues that prevent you from enjoying the life as you want it.

    Contact: 9388183153 and fix an appointment. Over the phone counseling also available on special request.



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