Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Your child may need help if he shows signs of attention deficiency, hyperactivity, bad behavior, and inability to keep focus on simple tasks. With proper care and behavior modification training, your kid can develop into a strong, self-sufficient individual. Let's take a look at the possible problem your child is facing.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is one of the prime reasons of poor performance by children at school. The characteristics include inability to focus, hyper activity and uncontrolled activities.

A significant number of school children from Kerala are prone to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. School teachers and parents complain that the children lack discipline and are unable to focus their attention on the lessons being taught.

The kids will be in a world of their own, not being able to focus on the books, lessons and works at hand. Wavering attention is the most important sign. However, keep in mind, occasional lack of attention is not ADHD.

To diagnose a child with ADHD, the symptoms should last for a minimum of 6 months. Kids, by their nature are active. It becomes a problem only when the behavior causes problems – continued poor grades at school, inappropriate behavior, and spending a lot of unfocused energy – means, they jump from one activity to another without apparent reasons.

This condition is also misunderstood as laziness. The children exhibit attention difficulties especially when engaged in studies and learning works. It is easy to dismiss such kids as lazy. Parents also punish kids without knowing the condition the kids are in.

They also exhibit uncontrolled emotions like bad temper, anger, impatience, and other negative behavior traits. They may

Not all kids show similar behavior. In some cases, inattention is the only problem, while others have hyperactivity with inattention. Inappropriate behavior due to ADHD is very rare among school children.

Kids suffering from these conditions will also develop into troubled teenagers, and problematic adolescents.

Kerala Scene

Kerala's young children attend school – irrespective of their social background, financial situation or family status. Kerala parents want their children attend school and expect them to excel in academic activities. This puts Kerala ahead of almost every other state in Kerala when it comes to educating young children.

Although teachers try to give exceptional care to every kid in the class, it is usually not possible to identify the needs of every child. Most parents too have busy schedules.

Professional Help for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Syndrome

Children exhibiting signs of ADHD benefits from psychological counseling, behavior therapy, changes in environment, and medicines. Medication is not a recommended option for very young children.

Changes in school and home environment alone can help. In addition, behavior modification and psychotherapeutic counseling can also work.

In addition, parents and teachers of kids suffering from ADHD can also take lessons on improving home and classroom environment. When the parents and teachers are better aware of the kids' behavior, they can follow strategies to discourage destructive behavior. They can also identify and support ways of improving academic performance and positive behavior traits.

Parent management training and classroom management training, when coupled with behavior training will help the children on variety of areas like concentration, academic performance, and behavior control.

The ultimate goal is helping the kids cope with different situations, focus on work at hand, sustained attention, proper behavior, and social skills.

If you are a parent worrying about your kids' performance at school, their behavior, or their inability to manage normal social situations, you can benefit from the services of a trained psychological counselor.

Bring your child in for a diagnosis and identify the underlying problems that prevent your kid from excelling in studies and behave normally in classroom.

Also learn about the changes you can make at your house, in your behavior towards the child, and ways to reward good behavior,discourage bad behavior and develop the child as a self-respecting, responsible and caring individual.

How Counseling and Treatment Help Kids with ADHD

With counseling, behavior modification, parent training and classroom training, children with attention deficit (and) hyperactivity disorder will start showing positive changes, like:

  • Spending more time on academic activities like studying and classwork
  • Continued focus on task at hand
  • Less bullying of other kids
  • Friendly relations with other children, teachers, and parents
  • Better control over emotions
  • Fewer instances of angry outbursts

Change doesn't happen in a day or two. It may take a few months of continued efforts from parents and teachers in addition to the counseling given to the child. And, you know it is best for your child and that you can't ignore your child's needs.


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