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If you are a psychologist or a counselor, we invite you to write and submit top quality articles in this website. With this, you can reach people looking for solutions.

Here is your opportunity to write top quality articles on your area of expertise – that is psychology and helping people in need.

Share your experience with people who are eagerly looking for solutions for family problems, kids' problems and personal problems.

You can also publish your articles in your name and used as reference whenever required.

Create awareness among people.

Tell them how you will help people manage their issues.

Encourage people to seek personal help when necessary.

How to Write an Article if You are Not a Natural Writer

Write simple, easy to understand sentences. Write short sentences. Break the text into small paragraphs of five to six sentences. This helps people easily understand what you say. Don't use complex words or jargon. Just imagine you are talking to an ordinary person. Use their language.

Follow these guidelines. It will help you create articles that communicate directly to ordinary people.

Write from your experience. Share case studies without revealing personal details. Simply tell people how you have helped people in the past. Also give them guidelines to enjoying healthy relationships, managing personal issues, and helping people in need.

In short, instead of thinking about becoming a writer, think about helping people through your words.

Sample Topics:

You can write about topics that people will find helpful. Some sample topics include:

  • Single Parent
  • Violent behaviour in children
  • Trauma
  • Divorce
  • Stress in relationships
  • Teenage issues

Plagiarism and Copyright

Copying from others' articles and publishing them as your own is bad. Don't do that. If we find you do this, we will remove one or all of your articles from our website. If you publish an article in your name, it has to be written by you.

Spelling and Grammar

Use the spelling and grammar checking option of Microsoft Word. Bad spelling and grammar will create a bad impression among the readers.

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