What can you expect during a Counselling session?

Each counselling session is different and based on the individual needs. Usually during a counselling session you’ll get professional support to tide over personal or emotional worries. It could also be an opportunity for you to identify the source of conflict or get the right guidance, or clear any confusion that exists in you.

Fix an appointment?

Appointment can be had over a telephone call or email. You can also call my mobile number: 09388183153

Counselling through telephone or online?

Most counselling is done face-to-face. But, in case you stay in another city counselling is provided through telephone or by Skype. This flexibility is to suit your needs and it’s done by prior arrangement.

When should I seek counselling?

Counselling is required for these specific situations:

  • Stress due to negative thoughts such as doubt, guilt, aggression, fear, hatred or suicidal tendency.
  • Difficulties due to lack of sleep, or disturbed sleep or excessive daydreams
  • Trauma due to death of a spouse, loneliness, anxiety or general stress
  • When your life is the crossroads or when you have to take difficult decisions, such as career choice, marriage or uncertainty
  • When children show excessive aggression, moody behaviour or lack of interest in studies.
  • Conflict at work, stress at work, or employer-employee relationship.
  • In cases of a divorce, job loss, illness, verbal or sexual abuse

How long does the counselling take?

Each counselling session is different and varies from case-to-case. Usually the duration of counselling is discussed in the first meeting. Each session usually from 45 minutes to 90 minutes.

Are my sessions confidential?

Every discussion or talk during the counselling is kept private and confidential. The only exception to this is when it is legally warranted to share the contents of the meeting.


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