Are you happy with your sex life? Or How good is your sexual relationship with your partner?

Physical intimacy is what takes a relationship beyond friendship and hence, it is an integral part of married life. As far as Kerala is concerned, sexual issues in relationships have been a major reason for increasing divorce rates in the state. According to a study on unconsummated relationships reveals that sexual dysfunction is common among couples in Kerala where 42% of the cases included problems with men and 34% were due to women's sexual problems. Many a time, the problems go beyond our understanding and only a trained counsellor/sex therapist can help from this distressing situation.

Common Sexual Problems:

There are a number of reasons that can hamper your sexual satisfaction which may differ from person to person.

  • Dyspareunia : Pain during sex
  • Arousal disorder: Lack of physical excitement or inability to get physically aroused during intercourse
  • Orgasm disorder or Anorgasmia: Inability to achieve orgasm or delayed climax
  • Desire issues or Loss of libido: Lack of interest in sex i.e. decline in sexual drive
  • Erectile dysfunction: Inability to keep erection firm enough or maintain erection required during intercourse
  • Retarded ejaculation: Absent or delayed ejaculation despite enough sexual stimulation
  • Premature ejaculation: Early ejaculation due to inefficiency in controlling the timing

What to Do and How to Manage?

Sexual problems in relationships are quite common and can be sorted out before it takes an ugly turn. The first and foremost thing that you need to do is-Talk it out!

Talk to your partner:Talk to your partner and learn about each other's sexual needs. Learn to rephrase your words while saying 'No' to sex so that it doesn't hurt the sentiments of your partner. Understanding each other and adjusting to each other's sexual desires can solve a good lot of problems in a relationship.

Talk to a trained counsellor:If it turns out to be difficult to talk with your partner about it, you always have the option to share your concerns with a trained counsellor. You may have a telephonic conversation or an online counselling session where you can talk freely about your sexual issues and at the same time be confident about the confidentiality of your case. An expert advice in this matter can save your relationship and make your married life more beautiful and fulfilling.

Benefits of Online Sex Therapy

Here are a few reasons why online sex therapy is a better option when it comes to dealing with sexual problems.

Ease of Accessibility: No need to travel long distances when you can reach out to a counsellor sitting in the comforts of your home

Confidentiality: Privacy is assured

Ease of communication: It is not usually easy to open up about one's sexual problems. Virtual conversation can make the task easier

Convenient and time saving: It can save both your travel and waiting time. Online therapy works best for the people who find it difficult to take time out of their busy schedule

Take the right step and book your appointments before it gets too late. Online sex therapy sessions can be attended via various online platforms including skype, whatsapp and also over telephone.

Now, you don't have to think twice before booking an appointment with us as both male and female counsellors are ready to cater to your counselling needs. Get in touch with our team of expert counsellors who are forever ready to help you with your counselling needs. Book your appointments now!.

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