Counselling Services in Changanassery, Kottayam

Child counselling, teenage counselling, adult-individual counselling and family counselling are now available in Changanassery, Kottayam:

Stress in family, difficulty in kids to concentrate on studies, failing marriage, workplace stress, etc are just a few reasons you will need attention and services of a professional Counselor.

Key Features of Consolace Counselling Services are:

Professional and personalised services

Individuals will get complete attention, a thorough analysis of their specific problems, and a detailed action plan to follow. Depending on age, home and family conditions, life experiences, the kind of actions to follow will vary.

Thus it is important that the Counsellor gets as much details as possible about the person, and about the people in his/her life. After thoroughly analysing the possible reasons, you will get a detailed action plan. Follow this plan and you will start seeing remarkable changes.

Detailed analysis of situations

The first session of counselling will mostly be about identifying the basic reasons why you need counselling.

Child Counselling - Children showing disobedience, lack of focus and study problems may be facing bigger mental trauma than most parents recognize.

Teenage Counselling - Teenagers showing behaviour problems and emotional imbalances may be seeking attention to some of their important, but overlooked issues.

Family Counselling - Family conflicts may have underlying reasons you can't recognize easily.

Adult-Individual Counselling – Persons suffering from addictions, obsessive compulsive disorders, Facebook/cyber addictions, substance abuse, etc can break out of their habits if they have a clearly defined action plan.

It is important that you open your mind and share as much details as you can. The details you share will help the counsellor run a thorough analysis, thereby identifying the big, small, obvious and hidden reasons behind such issues.

Unique action formula

No one can understand your problem better than you do. Your counsellor gives you a thorough understanding of the exact reasons of your worries. With this knowledge, your counsellor helps you create an action formula, or a detailed action plan.

Apply this unique individual formula and you will start taking control of your situations. You will see tensions melting down very fast. And you will take full control of your situation – and you will see that people around you are happier because of you.

You will also see your relationships getting into a better shape, lot of happier moments, your kids make you proud, and interesting things happening all around you.

They all start with the implementation of the action formula you create with the help of your Counselor.

Guaranteed – 100% Confidential

The details you share about your life remain 100% confidential. Personal details are always confidential. You can reveal whatever secrets you have, because your counselor will handle such details professionally and confidentially.

Most Common Problems of families in Kerala are:

Academic Concerns – Most children have difficulty in focusing on their studies. Bring your kid We shall work together to create an action formula for your kid to help him excel in studies.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – You identify them as behaviour problems among children. They exhibit signs of hyperactivity, attention problems, obedience problems, etc. These kids may be suffering from deeper underlying problems. Let the Counsellor see the kid in action, talk to the parents and chalk out a plan to turn them into smart kids.

Family problems – Conflicts in family , stress and tensions between husband and wife etc.. are a common problems. Such tensions and conflicts are not abnormal in family in life. However let such conflicts not ruin your family. Your Counsellor will talk individually to both the partners, identify the real needs and expectations of husband and wife, and provide a realistic and fool proof life-plan for both to follow.

The counselling services are specially designed to help not only children but also individuals and families staying focused on their goals to lead a life of purpose.

Social Media Addiction - It has become very common in Kerala households today that even though people are living under the same roof, they lack real life communication. Also, there are increasing divorce cases, one of the prime reasons of which is social media over use. Sometimes, it's too late when we realise our virtual life has ruined our reality. Don't let this happen with you. Share your concerns to yourcounsellor without having to worry about your confidentiality. The counselling sessions are designed to provide you with the best possible solutions to all your problems.

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