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CON-SOLACE stands for Solace through Counselling.

We are professionally trained Counsellors, who are accustomed to help people from various backgrounds, and deal with a wide range of issues. At Consolace, we provide tailored Counselling service based on specific issues.

At our specialized Counselling service in Trivandrum Kerala, we offer, Child, Individual and Family Counselling services

We provide an environment of excellent support that enhances emotional well being and improve the quality of life. You'll get the chance to explore, share your hopes and fears, and gain clarity of thought through a typical Counselling session.


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Expert Counselling in

  •  Depression and Anxiety
  •  Mood swings of children
  •  Divorce or Family Issues
  •  Health concerns
  •  Work and Career issues
  •  Stress Management
  •  Parenting and Family Issues
  •  Relationship or sexual issues

All sessions are kept confidential and private

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Individual Counselling

At Consolace, we offer individual counselling sessions to help you overcome various issues in your life. During the sessions, we encourage you to share your thoughts and...

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Child & Adolescent Counselling

We all know children and adolescent boys and girls go through a wide range of emotional, mental, and physical changes as they grow. During this phase, they are...

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Family Counselling

It’s normal for spouses in a marriage to have disagreements and feel detached from each other. In such situations, separation is not the only answer. Our Family counselling...

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Online Malayalam Counselling

If you live and work abroad, you don't have to fly to Kerala to get counselling in malayalam. You can, instead arrange for tele-counselling in Malayalam – specially designed by Consolace.

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Our Key Features!

counselling session

During our Counselling session we provide an opportunity to

  •  Share the problem with the counsellor
  •  Get a clear perspective of things around you
  •  Identify the origin of a particular problem
  •  Explore your thoughts and feelings about your problems
  •  Gain deeper insight into your thinking process
  •  Look at different options available to you
  •  Gain clarity of thought and action
  •  Help you to decide on the best course of action

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