"To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders" -Lao Tzu

If somebody asks me what I need from life, I would say, 'peace and satisfaction'. Satisfaction, actually is a by-product of peace. One cannot be satisfied with anything as long as there is mental chaos and unrest. To take a break, pause for a moment and appreciate the things that you have in your life, one should first be in peace with oneself. But unfortunately, that is one main thing that many of us lack in our lives. Though, we all want to enjoy a good and happy life, the definition of happiness and goodness differ from person to person. Each one has got a different perspective towards life and satisfaction. This is why some people stress on little things while some others find happiness in the same little things. In whichever way, we humans go through a load of emotions, both good and bad. Sometimes, it goes beyond our control and we struggle to get back to life. And these are the times when we look for a counselling centre near us. They say, 'Listening is often the only thing needed to help someone'. True, they say!

When there's no one to listen to your woes and understand your agony, a counsellor's patient ears, non judgmental eyes and compassionate presence can be a real blessing. But, counselling works better and quicker when there is a way to quiet the mind so that one can listen to the soul. It is exactly where we need to incorporate relaxation techniques like meditation and mindfulness in our life.

Meditation in Psychotherapy

Meditation in psychotherapy is gaining importance because of its effectiveness in dealing with various counselling needs. The solution to any problem can only be obtained with clarity of mind. It therefore becomes important to calm the mental chaos before looking for solutions to life problems. 

Use of Meditation in Psychotherapy

Meditation techniques, especially mindfulness meditation proves to be really beneficial for a person who is seeking counselling help as it helps to improve focus by being in the present. Here are a few benefits of integrating meditation with counselling sessions. 

Eases symptoms of anxiety

Reduces the frequency of intrusive thoughts

Improves focus

Controls anger

Clearer and productive mind

Develops flexibility of thoughts

Consolace counselling Services in Trivandrum can be approached for all your counselling needs. Online meditation practices with online counselling sessions are also available for those who find it difficult to join in-person sessions. Stay happy, stay strong!



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