Have anyone ever disapproved of your work or your ways? How did you react to such situations? Do you face criticism with a smile or just end up getting sad about it? No matter what, criticism is something you cannot shy away from. But when we say this, we cannot ignore the fact that people's opinions on others are not always meant to be mean and negative in nature. There is also constructive criticism that help you in bettering yourself. Your growth is decided by whether you choose to ignore the destructive criticism or take it on your heart. Similarly, if you are able to differentiate between constructive and destructive criticism, you can tackle negativity with a lot more ease. One should be ready to accept constructive criticism and ignore the destructive ones.

Dealing with criticism:

     The art of not caring:

You may encounter people who are critical about everything. They will find fault in anything and everything you do. Such people usually don't care about others’ feelings before criticising them. It is actually part of their nature and hence, they fail to realise that their comments might hurt others. One should be really calm and patient while responding to such people. Here, you have to realise that it is not you but they who need help. So as soon as you realise, that there is no valid point on the side of the person criticising you, just ignore it! The art of not caring is the first step towards dealing with criticism.

     We are all humans and we all make mistakes:

Having an understanding of this simple fact that ‘To make mistakes, is human.’ will change the way you see criticism. The courage to accept your mistakes when somebody else points it out plays a decisive role in your growth. But, if you fail to take the positives out of the criticism and only focus on the negatives, this will leave a great impact on your mental health. Some of us react to criticism in anger and curse others for correcting us. This can be even more dangerous as anger can only worsen the situation. Finding positivity amidst all the negativity is how you deal with criticism.

     Think from their point of view:

When someone criticises you, the first thing you need to do is relax and think from their point of view. Put yourself in their situation and think what you would have said if you were in their place. This will help you in understanding the intentions of the person criticising you. If you think the feedbacks are useful to you, just thank them for it rather than getting angry on them. Knowing your worth is important. When you are well aware of your strengths and weaknesses, criticism can never affect your confidence. It will only help you to improve. 

     Relax and keep the stress at bay:

Criticism is something which can rob you off your happiness and can pull you down if not handled properly. Instead of judging yourself on what person has said about you, just relax and take deep breaths. Rude comments can increase the stress level which will depress your spirits. So, it is important that you learn to keep your stress levels in check to deal with criticism. Practicing meditation on a regular basis will help you in reducing stress and staying calm in adverse situations.

You can accept it or reject it, but you can never run away from criticism. We will be criticised the same way we criticise others. But, it is all in our mind! The way you respond to criticism will decide your personal growth. You can either face criticism with a smile or hurt yourself by taking it personally. The choice is yours!



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