05 December, 2018

As far as professional life is concerned, failure and setbacks are inevitable. A successful person is not someone who has never encountered a career low, but the one who has overcome the setbacks. There is no such thing called a ‘safe career’. At some point or another in life, each one of us might see our career graph going down. The reasons can differ with person to person, but one way to overcome the setbacks is by working on one's personal growth.

“The Comeback is Always Stronger Than the Setback”

coping with career setbacksThere are various reasons which slows down your professional growth. Here are a few of them-

     Stuck at the wrong workplace: There are times when ambition collides with responsibilities and we end up at wrong workplace. An aspiring civil servant may end up working as a banker. Many a time, due to family circumstances, one cannot  wait until he finds his/her dream job and takes up any job just to be financially stable. Lack of job satisfaction makes you less productive. This ultimately turns into a career setback.

     Demotion/Suspension/Termination: Losing a job or getting demoted from your position can shatter your dreams. Such career setbacks are hard to overcome. Family and societal pressure worsens the situation. This may even cause the person to suffer from stress, anxiety and depression.

     Untimely illness or accident: Life is totally unpredictable. Anything could happen at anytime. One may meet with an accident or may be diagnosed with some serious illness. Life could take an ugly turn at any point of time. It becomes uglier when it affects our career. Such conditions may lead to extended unemployment. This can be really devastating.

Setbacks are inevitable. All we need to do is to focus on the comeback.

How to overcome career setbacks?

Following are a few tips to overcome a career low.

     One crisis doesn't mean the end of your professional life. If you think you don't belong to your workplace and also cannot quit due to family obligations, give yourself some time. Be patient till you gain financial stability and then try to get your dream job. Never regret about not being able to achieve your goal. It will lower your self confidence. Rather, wait for the right time to set yourself back on track. It's never too late to fulfill your dreams.

     Never quit! If the employers are not considering your resume and you are being constantly rejected, sit back and analyse what's wrong with it. If you have been terminated from your previous job, assure the employers in the cover letter that it was not due to your professional negligence. Convince them that you hit a career low due to reasons that were beyond your control. You may face rejections a number of times but you just can't quit trying. Work on bettering yourself. It will definitely work!

     Grab the opportunity before it knocks on your door! Don't let anyone diminish your spirit, not even you. Incase you lose your job, start looking for another job instantly. Have faith in your capabilities.

     Talk to a career counsellor. Sometimes, you yourself are not enough to boost your spirit. There are situations where families and friends fail to offer solace. These are the times when a counsellor can really help. If the career setback has been so heavy on you and you are not able to recover from it, visit a counselling centre near you.

Consolace Counselling Services in Trivandrum listens to all your counselling needs and will help you get back on track. Don't let yourself or your dear ones suffer from any kind of mental trauma. Seek for help! 



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