Raising kids, as we all know is not an easy task. The moment you become a parent, you try your best to become the best parent and do all that you can do for your kids. But, along the way, one may deviate from the path of good parenting. Parents do pick up some wrong parenting styles without even realising that it is doing more bad than any good to their kids. Nagging is one such habit that most parents develop while raising kids. This generally begins when the child steps into teenage. One simple fact that every parent should understand is that, 'Nagging doesn't really works.’ Moreover, it can backfire. To save your relation with your kids, you should stop being a nag.

Why do parents nag?

It is important for every parent to understand the reason why they are being a nag. Here are some reasons that force parents to follow this ineffective and destructive method of parenting-

     Competitive world: The world is getting highly competitive and parents fear that their kids will be left behind in the competition. It is this fear that forces parents to constantly push their kids to get high marks and perform better than others. Parents keep nagging the child without realising that they are pushing the kid to perform beyond his/her limits.

     Over expectations: We often expect too much from our kids. To see our children live up to our expectations, we fail to realise that we are being a nag.

5 Reasons to stop being a nagging parent:

1.    Don't nag, if you hate angry response! Constantly repeating the same thing to your kids will create resentment. It can irritate them and would naturally produce an angry response. When teenagers are being nagged, they turn out to be rebels.

2.    Creates distance: The more you nag, the more they'll get detached from you. They end up not listening to you and gradually drifts away from you.

3.    Damages parent-child relationship: Nagging has a negative effect on kids. Too much nagging can make the kids feel that they aren't doing anything worthy in life. It shatters their confidence and they fail to perform well. When you keep on telling your kids to be like someone else, it wears them down.

4.    Reduces child's respect for a parent: Parents may not realise or may not even admit that nagging do reduces the child’s respect for them. While parents nag to bring positive changes in their kids’ behaviour, kids usually consider it to be an inconvenient disturbance. So, they start paying zero attention to what parents are saying.

5.    Leads to frustration: Nagging can negatively affect both the the nagger and the person be nagged. When you nag, you are generally see your kids as an easy target to release your frustration. In the process to get rid of your own frustration, you end up making your kids more frustrated.

If you are a nagging parent, then you should stop it right now! Don't nag your kids just because your parents used to nag you. Remember, “The sign of good parenting is not the child's behaviour. The sign of truly great parenting is the parent's behaviour.” For any kind of assistance or guidance, feel free to get in touch with Consolace Counselling services in Trivandrum.



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