07 July, 2019

People always say, 'Life is a race and you are here to win it.’ People also say that in order to win this race, you have to focus on self improvement. What I say is, one needs to accept oneself first to walk towards self improvement. Yes, self acceptance is the key to self improvement and self growth.

What is self acceptance all about?

self acceptanceAccepting oneself does not mean accepting only the positive things about oneself. Self acceptance means accepting each and every little part of you, no matter good or bad. It begins with the realisation of good and bad qualities in you. Self acceptance works only when you know what you lack and are ready to improve. Most of us fail to understand what self acceptance actually is and hence take it in a wrong sense. Consider for example, Rahul is not able to socialise effectively and he accepts that he is not capable of socialising and hence he restricts himself from any social interactions. Rahul has clearly misunderstood self acceptance. Self acceptance is all about analysing your weaknesses so as to convert them into your strengths. Self acceptance is all about pushing you forward. Self acceptance is all about having self compassion.

How to accept yourself?

I know, no one wants to be left behind in life's race. No one wants to be stay defeated or shattered. Everyone wants to be get ahead by polishing oneself. It is possible only when you start accepting yourself and here's how you can do it.

     Say Goodbye to self-hatred: I've seen many people with great potential losing themselves to self-hatred. You commit one mistake, and there you are cursing yourself. Such people do accept their mistakes but refuse to learn from them. They choose self-hatred over self-compassion. Whenever you feel like hating yourself for your mistakes, pause a while and say, 'You are only a human, it's ok to make mistakes. But, what's next?’ When, you ask yourself this question, you learn self acceptance and you are ready to correct your mistakes.

     Be proud of your strengths, but don't get carried away!: It is always good to be confident of your strengths. Problem is when you are so proud of your strengths that you refuse to accept your weaknesses. You believe that you can do no wrong. In such condition, you will never know self acceptance.

     Know your best self: Have you ever tried talking to yourself? Well, I do it quite often when I am upset with myself. Having a conversation with the best version of myself helps me in accepting my errors and at the same time motivates me to give my best.

     Know what's in your control and what's not!: You can accept yourself only when you know yourself inside out. You learn self acceptance when you know something bad has happened and it's beyond your control to make it good. You don't pull yourself down by criticising and doubting yourself. You make peace with yourself by accepting things the way they are.

When you accept yourself, everything falls into its right place. Self acceptance is indeed your superpower that will always take you forward. Those who still struggle to make up their mind to accept the way they are, Consolace counselling services in Trivandrum is just a click away. Remember, you are no less than anyone and you deserve your forgiveness more than anyone else.

The greatest success is successful self acceptance.”



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