Happiness is something that everyone longs for, without knowing that it lies within oneself. The answer to the most common question, 'What makes you happy?’ varies with person to person. For some, happiness lies in little things while for others happiness comes with appreciation of others. It is indeed true that everyone wants to be appreciated and admired by others but how far should it affect your personal life is something we all need to take great care of. For that, one should first understand the concept of satisfaction.

Self satisfaction is the key:

Convincing oneself is the first step towards success. Many of us feel demotivated, disappointed and dejected in life just because we fail to get appreciated by others. It is important to realise that though recognition from others is a great motivation, it can mean nothing if you can't satisfy yourself. We live in a time where people will appreciate you only if you have good fortune or are living a life according to their standards. How can their standards be a measure of your happiness? You can create your very own world of happiness by working to meet your standards. There is no joy like self satisfaction.

Myths about joy and happiness:

     Money can make you happy: This is probably the biggest myth about happiness. Money can bring luxury, but happiness can never be measured in terms of currency notes in one’s pockets. Once you have enough money to lead a comfortable life, more money cannot add more happiness to your life.

     Older you get, less happier you become: Age has nothing to do with one’s happiness. However, it is seen that people lose happiness with age. It is not happiness that they are losing; but satisfaction. On one hand where many people become more sensitive to stress and lose happiness with growing age, there are many others who spread radiance with their wrinkled smiles. It is possible to be emotionally stable at old age only if you find satisfaction in life.

When we talk about joy and happiness, it is hard to neglect parenting issues. At various stages of life, parents struggle to find happiness in life, especially when their kids fail to satisfy their expectations.

Parenting issues and anxiety:

The most common reason that gives rise to stress and anxiety in parents is the fear regarding the success of their children. Success, according to many parents is based on society's standards. They strive to see their kids perform in a way that will satisfy the society more than themselves. And when the child fails to live up to the expectations, they get worried and depressed in life. This is where parenting goes wrong. Here is the best parenting tip for every parent out there-

'Success lies in satisfaction.’ Parents should find happiness in the satisfaction of their kids. Allow them to choose the career that satisfies their soul. Remember, when your kids will see you dissatisfied in their success, it will create a void in your relationship that would be very hard to fill later.

They say, ‘You will never be happy if you constantly look for what others have.’ So, be happy and content in what you have.



 (Idea of this article is taken from our Malayalam article published in 'Arogyamangalam Magazine' November 2016. To read in Malayalam click here)


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